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Six top tips for including Video in your Social Strategy

Digital video is booming on Facebook, especially since autoplay and Facebook live were introduced to the platform.

According to Social Media Today, Facebook has an average of 8 billion daily video views. Video is even receiving a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. When you see statistics like this, it’s not hard to see why more and more businesses are embracing video on social media.

So why is video so popular on social media?

Video is easy content to consume and moving text and images will almost always grab an audience’s attention more than a static image or text.

But for video to be effective, it must be done right. To ensure you develop the right strategy for your Facebook video, we’ve listed six facts you should consider to develop a successful Facebook video campaign.

1. New Facebook Feed Algorithm Update

Thanks to Facebook’s new news feed algorithm update, it’s now more important than ever to get video right on your Facebook page. Facebook will now be evaluating ‘percent completion’ to determine the value of a video and its visibility. If the video is watched at least halfway, it’s considered to be compelling and will feature more heavily in the news feed.

Previously, longer videos would often be penalised in the news feed, but now with this new metric, a longer video may rate higher than a shorter one because it indicates a bigger commitment if it’s been viewed at least half way.

In saying this, however, it’s still best to keep your video shorter if possible because there’s a much higher chance that it will be viewed in its entirety.

2. Choosing the Best Type of Video

When deciding what type of video you want to produce, look back at your social media goals. Figure out who you’re trying to target in your video and the outcome you hope to achieve.

There are four key themes you could go with when creating a video for Facebook:

  • Inspirational – Share feel-good stories, quotes or messages from the heart that are relatable to your audience and make them feel inspired.
  • Educational – Educate your audience with advice, tips and how-to By providing your audience with useful information, they receive value from your content and your business is seen as an authority on the topic. 
  • Entertaining – Many people go on Facebook for fun so it makes sense to make an informal or humorous video that they can enjoy. Think of creative ways your brand or staff can be incorporated into a video that makes the audience smile or laugh.
  • Promotional – To pull off a purely promotional video in your Facebook feed, make sure you focus on the value your audience will receive from your product or service. People go on social media to look at things that interest them, so make sure you nail the messaging and target market to improve your conversions.

3. Capture Attention Quickly

Make sure the video you create has high impact right away so it can capture the viewer’s attention quickly. Your video is competing with lots of other content in a Facebook news feed, so it’s important to grab attention right away.

To achieve this, make sure you have moving visuals in the first two to three seconds to allow the auto play feature to grab the viewer’s attention and entice them to click.

4. The Sound of Silence

Don’t rely too heavily on sound in your Facebook videos because an autoplay video is muted until a viewer decides to click on the ad.

According to recent statistics, 85% of Facebook video views happen without sound. So, if there’s a lot of talking in the video you create, consider including sub-titles – or if the video needs more context without sound, consider adding some text that adds value to the video content.

5. Description, Call to Action, Tagging & Thumbnail

When you’re ready to upload your video, remember to include an accurate and enticing video description and add a call to action button that links to a webpage that directly relates to the video content.

Facebook also allows you to tag people or pages in your video. However, this feature should only be used to tag people or businesses who are featured in or are directly involved with the video.

You also have the option of choosing a still frame image from the video itself as a thumbnail for the video, or you can upload an image. This will be the first thing your audience sees before the autoplay kicks in, so choose wisely.

6. Facebook Live

Rather than creating and uploading a video to Facebook, have you considered Facebook Live? Facebook Live is still in its infancy and tends to be seen as a niche format, however, more and more marketers are tapping into the advantages of this feature.

Although the uptake on Facebook Live hasn’t been particularly swift, statistics show that people spend 3x longer watching live video compared to a video that’s been uploaded.

Despite the appeal, Facebook Live isn’t for everyone.

To pull off a successful Facebook Live video, you need to be prepared and know exactly what you want to do or say in the video. Because it’s live, there’s no room for mistakes!

It’s always good idea to promote the Facebook Live event beforehand and create hype to get maximum viewership. When choosing a day and time for your Facebook Live video, refer to your Facebook page insights to see when your current followers are on Facebook the most.

Remember the video will also remain on your Facebook feed after it goes live, so there’s ample opportunity for people to view the video long after the Facebook Live event takes place.

Reach New Heights on Facebook With Video

Remember that video can be a great addition to your social media strategy, but it has to be done right to get results. Hopefully, these facts give you the inspiration and knowledge you need to ensure your next video campaign on Facebook is a success!

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