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Are you keen to join Women in Digital as an intern or volunteer? By joining Women in Digital as an Intern you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, access events for free, raise your industry profile, receive free non Women in Digital event ticket entry, access mentoring at half price, network with leading industry professionals, receive referrals, make friends, have fun and receive a letter of reference at the end of your internship for the work done with Women in Digital.

We have the following positions available for 2017:

  • Blog / Copy Writers: Our Blog and Copywriters are given the opportunity to profile their writing skills with an international audience. Tracking engagement levels our writers develop skills in audience engagement and have the opportunity to express their passion for writing, the Digital Industry and Womens’ Professional Development.
  • Event Co-ordinators: Across our locales we are always in need of a helping hand for our events! This is a diverse role in which you’ll have the opportunity to meet like minded individuals, learn event management skills and enhance your networking confidence, communication skills and public speaking ability.
  • Digital Marketers / Social Media Specialists: Women in Digital share our latest news, updates and events across Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. By joining the Women in Digital Team as a Social Media Intern you’ll gain hands on experience running campaigns, managing a community and designing posts that are relevant and engaging. This is a great way to build skills and give back through a fun and engaging medium.
  • PR Specialists: If you’re passionate about getting the word out about Women in Digital and have a passion for PR then contact us about the opportunity to work as a PR specialist. Not only will you develop your media contacts but you’ll be sharing insights about a newsworthy and topical organisation.
  • Student Ambassadors: Our student ambassadors are located at Universities across the country and are given the opportunity to be the voice of Women in Digital on campus. Be the ‘go to’ for the latest news and updates from the Digital industry and increase your connection to the Digital industry for networking and employment opportunities.

If you wish to express interest in a position for 2017 please send an email to [email protected] with your resume and position of interest and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and experience levels, seeking team members that are passionate about Digital, the services offered by Women in Digital and the values that we embrace:


Authenticity: We believe in authenticity, and encourage members and non members alike to embrace their unique talents, strengths and personalities.

Collaboration: When we embrace our uniqueness and openly bring our strengths and weaknesses ‘to the table’ collaboration can lead to outcome & innovation much greater than ourselves.

Diversity: Diversity of Gender, Age, Experience, Culture and Sexuality brings forth unique thoughts and ways of approaching the world. By considering the world through more than one paradigm we can create a truly inclusive world.

Making a Difference: We believe that everyone has a responsibility give  back in some way, shape or form.  For us we work to make a difference in the Digital world by working to increase the Diversity and Inclusion of Women in Digital around the world.

Fun: Life’s short, we believe you should be having fun in our personal and professional lives.

Success: Success means something different for everyone, and we encourage members and non members to expand their definition of success across personal and professional realms.

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