With 2016 officially coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on the most promising social media marketing trends that will undoubtedly shape the conversation in 2017. This past year was one of hyped Video Marketing, live consumer support, and Live Video incorporation into just about every social media platform. These fairly new trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and are poised to shake up social media marketing, interaction, and engagement worldwide.

Here are 3 social media trends everyone should watch for in 2017:

1. Live Video

Live Video isn’t a new 2017 development. It’s one that was unveiled and pursued in 2016. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t shape the New Year – if anything, Live Video is finally ready to dominate business-marketing efforts after ironing out the kinks and inconsistencies. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have Live Video capabilities as of today, which solidifies Live Video as a critical marketing tool for every kind of business and entrepreneur.

Live Video rose to prominence as a way for consumers to have direct, personal interaction with the brands they admire from afar. Now that consumers have had a taste of this kind of connection, they’re going to want even more, making it important for you to whip out your phone and record Live Video sessions as much as possible in 2017.

2. Snapchat

A lot of business owners are dragging their feet when it comes to downloading and using Snapchat. Another side of the Live Video Marketing coin, Snapchat is a way for businesses to communicate small, 10-second videos and pictures with consumers all over the world.  The fleeting media-sharing app has tapped into the short attention span of consumers today, and the results have been nothing but valuable for Snapchat, now boasting an average of 150 million daily active users.

If you’re going to take the time to throw up some Live Video clips on Facebook and Instagram every now and then, it makes sense to throw that same content up on a business Snapchat. The more interpersonal content you can provide prospective consumers, the better.

3. The Twitter Decline

Twitter did not end 2016 on a high note. The company was forced to kill pet project Vine and lay off hundreds of thousands of employees. The social media platform continues to decline in relevancy as picture and video-centered apps like Instagram and Snapchat increase in popularity. Twitter needs to make some serious changes, like incorporating more video sharing and making it easier for businesses to advertise to their ideal consumers through the Twitter feed.

Though these changes are possible, we are expecting 2017 to be more of the same for Twitter as the social media platform continues to slip in prominence.

The Year Ahead

Consider these three trends when planning business advertising and content marketing structures for the year ahead. Maximize your exposure as best you can with more focus on Facebook Live Video and Snapchat over Tweeting about news articles. Social media presents incredible and free-to-use tools for connecting with prospective consumers – use them.

Women In Digital Blog Submission by Alexandra Fasulo

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