We’ve reached a time when technological developments and integration into consumerism can be hard to keep up with today. The latest tech fad being surveyed and implemented in websites, chatbots, presents another streamlined and technologically efficient way for business owners to one-up their client interaction on a daily basis.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program designed to stimulate conversation with human users, particularly over the Internet. Quite simply, a chatbot is a virtual robot programmed to “chat” with consumers about questions important to them. As you can imagine, their consumer relation potential is astronomical.

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a chatbot:

  1. Scalability

Chatbots are an automated solution that will enable your business to handle more customers than ever before. Since human beings power most existing customer contact solutions, there is a finite amount of people they can handle in a given amount of time. With a chatbot, the consumer interaction is limitless as the bot can interact and answer an infinite amount of submitted questions every single second. The scalability possibilities are endless now.

  1. Complex business policies

Not every business is as simple as a brick and mortar location selling one specific product. Chatbots provide complex business models and policies with a way to explain their services and usability to everyday consumers. If you own a business that requires a few sentences of explanation to secure a client, a chatbot is definitely in your best future interest.

  1. Millennials

Millennials are the biggest consumer bloc in our world today. How they go about making purchases is very significant for business revenue. Millennials like chat channels more than any other customer contact channels. It is descended from their love of texting and chatting through Internet chat rooms. Since they do it all the time with their friends, they want to do it all the time with your business website.

  1. Engagement

Customers expect a high level of engagement and attention today. They’re used to social media access and a nonstop stream of engaging and optimized content catered to their interests and needs. As a result, they expect this kind of attention on websites, too. The only way for them to have instant information and answers after visiting a website for just 1 minute is through a chatbot.

  1. Workplace efficiency

A chatbot can take the place of a person at your operation who was stuck with the mundane task of answering email questions every single day. Now, this person can be used for a more efficient role – perhaps one of content marketing or business development on an international scale.

Though chatbots are very new to the digital marketing scene, they are quickly integrating themselves into major websites, Facebook Messenger, TMY.GRL from Tommy Hilfiger, Hey Xero by Xero, and the list goes on. Chatbots will soon be a business necessity, so consider their incorporation before they become another bare minimum requirement for your digital presence.

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