Women in Digital

Women in Digital was created in 2014 whilst founder Holly Tattersall was working in Digital Recruitment and noticed the lack of female role models and leaders in the industry. The organisation began as a Mentoring Program that would connect high potential talent with Women at the height of their career looking to support the next generation of Digital Leaders. We have since evolved the Mentoring Program to facilitate self service Mentor selection, and added a range of events and services for Women in the industry.
We are proud to launch the Women in Digital awards in 2018, and see this as an important evolution to identify more industry role models, inspiring the next generation of Digital leaders.

We believe in authenticity, and encourage members and non members alike to embrace their unique talents, strengths and personalities.
When we embrace our uniqueness and openly bring our strengths and weaknesses ‘to the table’ collaboration can lead to outcome & innovation much greater than ourselves.
Diversity of Gender, Age, Experience, Culture and Sexuality brings forth unique thoughts and ways of approaching the world. By considering the world through more than one paradigm we can create a truly inclusive world.
We believe that everyone has a responsibility give back in some way, shape or form. For us we work to make a difference in the Digital world by working to increase the Diversity and Inclusion of Women in Digital around the world.
Life’s short, we believe you should be having fun in our personal and professional lives.
Success means something different for everyone, and we encourage members and non members to expand their definition of success across personal and professional realms.
To ensure all girls and Women around the world are Digitally literate by providing resources and career opportunities to build the Digital leaders of tomorrow. We do this by connecting our talented members around the world on and offline, by showcasing inspirational role models, celebrating talented individuals through the Women in Digital Awards, facilitating Mentoring services.
Women in Digital host events around the world to inspire, train and connect the Digital leaders of tomorrow. Our speakers are carefully selected to ensure you walk away inspired, with new skills or insights you didn’t have before you arrived. So whether your ambition is to climb the jungle gym of success in your workplace or launch an industry disrupting Start Up, join our events and surround yourself with success oriented and ambitious Digital leaders.
Women in Digital connect our Digital Leaders with the best employers, Start Ups and Accelerators around the world. We work for our high potential members to ensure they are matched with career opportunities that keep pace with their ambitions and abilities. If you are interested in discussing opportunities within your organisation contact Women in Digital to arrange an interview.
WID offers an intensive nine month Mentoring Program in which Mentees are matched with inspirational role models who are well positioned to provide Mentoring. The success of Mentoring is well documented and at Women in Digital allows us to ensure Digital leaders of the future provide the guidance and direction they need to take the next step in their career, start up or business.
Women in Digital connect Members online and offline through around the world through regional events and online forums. To join our international network of Digital leaders and be part of our conversation become a Women in Digital member today.
 Women in Digital are strategically partnered with Women in Digital Bangladesh, an organisation that trains and mentors young Bangladeshi Women to develop their Digital Skills, empowering the next generation of Digital leaders in this developing country with new career pathways and work opportunities.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board Members provide strategic guidance on organisational development, performance and market opportunities to ensure Women in Digital is adequately supporting the current and future female leaders within the Digital Industry. If you are interested in joining the Advisory Board then we encourage you to get in touch with us at hello@womenindigital.org

Holly Tattersall
Holly TattersallWID Founder & CEO
Shannon Nixon
Shannon NixonAPAC Commercial Lead, Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft
 Michael Reid
Michael ReidQLD State Manager, Cisco
Donna Maree Vinci
Donna Maree VinciGroup Executive CXO, BOQ
Keith Stanley
Keith StanleyDirector, Marketing Express
Margarita Camus
Margarita CamusDigital Innovation Lead, QUU
Gavin Douglas
Gavin DouglasAccount Director, AWS

Meet the team

Holly Tattersall
Holly TattersallWID Founder & CEO
Steph Leahy
Steph LeahySocial Media Co-ordinator
Mersija Mujic
Mersija Mujic Content Writer
Michelle Bryant
Michelle BryantContent Writer
Anja Neupert
Anja NeupertWID Silicon Valley Director
Celine Attal
Celine AttalWID Tel Aviv Director