No you aren’t imagining it- people have been flicking Poké balls at imaginary Pokémon for months now. This new game has boomed due to its epic augmented reality (AR) and geo-targeting abilities. Ironically it has brought back the old fashion need to get outside and play games (except the small fact you’re still attached to your smartphone).

Aside from enchanting games the rise of AR allows the digital industry to immerse consumers in products and further extend practical applications to better serve individuals. Apple have been quick to react with a almost certain partnership with Metaio  This partnership has sparked rumours of Apple Maps devleoping an AR view to enable users to be fed bespoke information on businesses and attractions as per your location and movements around the area.  Metaio are already exploring 3D video and we are only going to further see content and objects be turned into tangiable and interactive elements.

Myer and eBay were also quick to experiment releasing the first virtual reality store. Every girls dream- viewing a department store in the comfort of your own home. In this case the users gaze controlled navigation and even how you added items to your basket. Unlike Pokémon Go this AR creation feeds societies short time and high demand culture.

We can see that the effects and possibilities of AR are extremely variable in practicality and intended use. This is leading to whole new realm of digital jobs, ideation and user benefits in the not to distant future.

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