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Family Roots

Brisbane based Mother and Daughter duo, Christine and Kelly Newbery recently joined forces to develop and launch an app together on the app store. Christine is a retired programmer who taught herself app development and Kelly is a digital marketer by day and a passionate gardener by night who is sick of friends telling her

5 reasons why your Business needs a Chatbot

We’ve reached a time when technological developments and integration into consumerism can be hard to keep up with today. The latest tech fad being surveyed and implemented in websites, chatbots, presents another streamlined and technologically efficient way for business owners to one-up their client interaction on a daily basis. What is a chatbot? A chatbot

3 Key Differences Between a Website and a Mobile App

In 2014, marketers witnessed a groundbreaking development when mobile use exceeded laptop use for the first time since the development of the computer and Internet. Since that revolutionary convergence almost 3 years ago now, mobile application usage has increased exponentially. Today, hundreds of millions of consumers are searching for products and services, purchasing them, and

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3 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2017

With 2016 officially coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on the most promising social media marketing trends that will undoubtedly shape the conversation in 2017. This past year was one of hyped Video Marketing, live consumer support, and Live Video incorporation into just about every social media platform. These fairly new trends aren’t

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Email Marketing: from telling to storytelling – an overview of EMSA 2016

As a marketer and the Marketing Manager of Women in Digital I couldn’t miss out on the 10th anniversary of the Email Marketing Congress EMSA in Brisbane this year. Email marketing is an important part of the marketing mix to ensure you can build a story and foster relationships with customers. This was reinforced by

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Behind the Scenes of the EMSA with Kelly Newbery

With the Email Marketing Summit Australia (EMSA) coming soon to Brisbane, we jumped on the opportunity to interview Kelly Newbery, Content Marketing Manager at Vision6, to learn more about the event. WID: Could you tell us a bit about Vision6? Kelly: Vision6 is Australia’s leading email marketing platform. We help marketers get more from their

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Five Reasons why you should attend this year’s EMSA

If you have never heard of the Email Marketing Summit Australia (EMSA) then let me fill you in. The EMSA is a premium event designed by email marketers for people interested in email marketing! If you want to learn about how email marketing can increase your ROI or currently utilise email marketing as a business

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Witness the creative fitness! Dominique Falla shows us how

Unlike riding a bike most activities, when stopped for a while, will result in the diminishment of skill. If a ballerina stops dancing for a year, she’ll find it a little harder to pirouette the next time she attempts it, just as a gym junkie may find it difficult to run as fast after busting

Augmented reality: Beyond Pokemon Go & Gamers

No you aren’t imagining it- people have been flicking Poké balls at imaginary Pokémon for months now. This new game has boomed due to its epic augmented reality (AR) and geo-targeting abilities. Ironically it has brought back the old fashion need to get outside and play games (except the small fact you’re still attached to