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Being Branded isn’t always a bad thing

Written by Alex Hobbs  Do you ever find yourself completely devoted to one brand? Perhaps you are Apple over Samsung, MAC over Napoleon or (lets face it) anything over home brand. When it comes to objects we decide so easily what is good or bad, but on a personal level disagree with “branding” ourselves. In

How to embrace your Unconscious Incompetence

Michael Griffin, Chief Information Office at Genie Solutions was kind enough to share his views on diversity in the digital landscape with me the other day. When I asked Michael to define what diversity meant to him his definition was extremely enlightening: “A long-running theme in my career has been seeking out my “unconscious incompetence”-

Taking the pinch out of the pay rise conversation

By WID Blogger Josephine Kent Last Wednesday Women in Digital and our partner Diverse City Careers were honoured to host Matt Wallaert, Global Director for accelerator programs at Microsoft and founder of getraised.com.  A naturally charismatic speaker, Matt had the entire room enthralled by his words of wisdom as he delivered a talk highlighting the most

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Elevator Pitches and Networking Event Success with Jen Burrows

Imagine this scenario. You’re in an Elevator when Richard Branson walks in (perhaps ‘insert your career here’s’ equivalent) and it’s just the two of you. You both look at each other, you with dawning recognition, and them with a complacent smile. The button’s light up with each floor, 5, 6, 7 when suddenly there’s a

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Winners are grinners! Meet Lauren from Tappr

Meet Lauren, winner of Women in Digital's Mentoring Program giveaway! Lauren was randomly selected from hundreds of entrants to be personally matched with a Mentor that would work with her over a 9 month period on a personal development plan to help her reach her career goals. The lovely Josephine from WID caught up with her for

There’s no pawsing in a journey to Entrepreneurship

Deb Morrison, Founder and CEO of Pet Cloud built the perfect solution for online pet sitting after months of continuous networking and prototyping. Pet Cloud is an online community enabling pet parents to continue travelling while their pets are cared for through real time updates, insurance and RSPCA approval. Prior to PetCloud Deb was working

Why it’s essential to attend conferences and how to win the go-ahead from your boss.

  Those fortunate enough to attend TedX or even SXSW this year would have walked away feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Not only because those sharing their knowledge and experience were engaging and cutting edge, but because creativity begets creativity. Sticking to the office like an oyster to a rock is not ideal for the employee

3 kids & 2 high growth businesses makes Sarah Mak a very busy Mother of 5

Sarah Mak is an unstoppable force that sees no reason to slow down despite being a week away from full term pregnancy. WID founder Holly Tattersall recently met Sarah at a University of Queensland  'Who Runs the World' panel event in which Sarah shared her personal insights on life as a Mother, Digital Entrepreneur and Business Owner. Her passion,

Creating a presence with IMPACT – Women in Digital LinkedIn Workshop

At last night’s Brisbane event we looked at how to best utilise LinkedIn as a tool to develop your personal brand and create business/professional opportunities. Kyle highlighted the importance of creating a presence with impact by aligning yourself with industry leaders, building a quality network and engaging your target audience. Depending on your status (job

Meet Nila, a modern day Mother Theresa empowering Women in Bangladesh through Tech

For most business owners, starting a company is driven by a desire to make a living on their own terms. In a developing country it maybe born out of necessity. For Bangladeshi Social Entrepreneur Nila her business was born out of pure frustration. Nila had been working with Digital Agencies in Bangladesh for over 7 years before she