With the Email Marketing Summit Australia (EMSA) coming soon to Brisbane, we jumped on the opportunity to interview Kelly Newbery, Content Marketing Manager at Vision6, to learn more about the event.

WID: Could you tell us a bit about Vision6?

Kelly: Vision6 is Australia’s leading email marketing platform. We help marketers get more from their email marketing with easy to use automation, advanced segmentation and targeting, and insightful reports. Vision6 also hosts the Email Marketing Summit.

EMSA - Women in Digital BlogWID: EMSA is currently Australia’s premiere Email Marketing event. Do plan on becoming an international event?

Kelly: This is actually our 10th year running EMSA which is very exciting! Vision6 expanded internationally earlier this year and opened up our first US office in San Francisco, so it definitely makes sense to think about hosting international events. This year, we’ll be live streaming our keynote speaker direct to the USA which will be a first for Vision6.


WID: What do you enjoy the most about EMSA?

Kelly: For the Vision6 team, it’s always the highlight of the year! Everyone gets to come along to the day.

I also absolutely love presenting at EMSA. This year my topic is all about answering the top email marketing questions people have. So I’ve really enjoyed researching all of the latest trends and finding out from people who had already registered what their burning email marketing questions are.

I love making sure that I tailor my talk so that everyone in the room can walk away with some really practical advice that they can start implementing the second they get back to work.
And of course, the day itself is always a highlight! I love meeting everyone who comes along and finding out how they’re going with their email marketing. Plus hearing from all the other speakers about the latest and greatest in email marketing.

WID: Who are you most excited to see at the summit and why?

Kelly: I am super excited for the lineup this year. We’ve got some great brands coming along that are doing really awesome stuff with their email marketing.

I am really looking forward to hearing Kim Barnard from The Urban List speak about using storytelling in emails. I’m a big believer in the importance of storytelling and always look forward to receiving the Urban List’s emails so can’t wait to hear their inside tips.
I also can’t wait to hear from Vivien Fu from Winning Group cover engagement metrics. It’s easy to focus on open rates and click through rates, but we all know that conversions should always be our end game. So it will be good to hear which metrics Winning Group are using to optimise their email campaigns.

WID: What are your best memories from the past EMSA events?

Kelly: I’ve always followed Justine Jordan from Litmus, she’s been a huge inspiration to me in my career, so I was thrilled to meet her last year. She flew over from Boston, USA and talked about how important it is to be human with your email marketing. The message really resonated with me as I’ve seen lots of businesses get caught up in being ‘professional’ or ‘corporate’ and forget about the fact that their readers are still human. It’s possible to be human and remain professional.

WID: What makes EMSA special?

Kelly: EMSA is Australia’s premier email marketing event. This year we’re featuring an international keynote, Lincoln Murphy who is known as “The Silicon Valley Customer Success Evangelist” and 11 marketing experts from around Australia. This is the event for any women in tech that uses or wants to start using email as part of their marketing strategy. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best in the biz.
Plus there’s the fantastic networking opportunities including post-event drinks. Attendees have the opportunity to meet and ask all of the speakers questions while taking away practical tips and tricks to enhance their digital marketing program.

WID: Would you advise women working in the digital industry to attend (even if they don’t necessarily specialise in Email Marketing?)

Kelly: Email Marketing is part of every digital marketing professional career, so I would absolutely advise every woman in tech to attend.

WID: Would you encourage women working in digital to pursue a career in the Email Marketing field?

Kelly: As a Career path, I think Email Marketing is definitively growing. We observe more and more professionals with the term “Email Marketing” in their titles. We also see the field evolving towards specialist roles. Now global brands and companies have entire teams dedicated to email marketing, because they realise the value of Email Marketing to their bottom line.

There are many areas you can specialise in, from segmentation and optimisation if you like playing with data, or if you are creative, email design or email copywriting.

WID: At Women in Digital, we encourage women to lean in and showcase their expertise online. This is exactly what you do as part of your mission Vision6, writing articles and presenting trends on video. What are your top tips for our members to overcome their fear of public speaking or online posting?

Kelly: My top tip for public speaking and building a personal brand is to embrace imperfection. You need to strive for progress, not perfection.

I have personally never done any public speaking training per-se, for me it has always been about diving in. Practice makes it perfect, the more you speak in public, the more it comes naturally.

WID: What are the top 3 strengths that helped you being successful in the Digital Industry?


  1. Hunger to learn. Our industry is constantly changing so in order to be successful we need to constantly learn new skills and tech to help drive our businesses forward. I’m constantly striving to learn and improve myself.
  2. Project Management. Most digital teams move fast and have multiple balls in the air at any one time. Being able to juggle priorities and effectively manage projects is key.
  3. Creative thinker. Creativity is not just about designing beautiful things. It’s also about creatively thinking to solve problems. And I believe creativity is at the heart of innovation, which is something most digital companies strive for.

Don’t Miss Kelly’s Talk at The Email Marketing Summit

Solutions to your top email marketing questions October 20, 2016 – 11:50  –  12:20

More details about the event: http://www.emsaustralia.com.au


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