Written by Alex Hobbs 

Do you ever find yourself completely devoted to one brand? Perhaps you are Apple over Samsung, MAC over Napoleon or (lets face it) anything over home brand. When it comes to objects we decide so easily what is good or bad, but on a personal level disagree with “branding” ourselves.

In the professional sense creating a strong personal online brand is important in all industries. Employers now screen social media as part of the hiring process and more importantly in a digital sense want to see evidence of your skills easily online. With a plethora of social media, blog and video content channels to chose every aspiring digital professional has the chance to begin to build their own online brand.

A brand is what you want to be known for or stand for. So your first step is to take some time to consider your strengths and stand out points- this is no time to be modest! Once you have a clear idea of your brand you need to decide how you will show this and keep it consistent both online and in person.

Now for those of us who don’t believe their skill is able to be displayed in this way or would rather invest a smaller amount of time in building their brand there are solutions for you too. It can be as simple as joining a group or community and involving yourself in some online chats. Leverage your LinkedIn account or even just make one!

26 other great tips to consider can be found here to kick start your personal branding brain storm HERE

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