What is the Sales Funnel?

By Jen McKinnon Often used to distinguish the types of content necessary for your brand strategy, as a concept, the sales funnel helps marketers and business owners understand the customer journey. It is also a useful tool that, when properly implemented across your digital marketing strategy, can fast-track your business success. Comprising of four stages,

Taking the Leap – Bridging the Gap

By Nirma Ledford Since my first day working in the marketing communications field, I realised that there was a distinct disconnect between the online efforts of attracting traffic and making sales. I started out in media sales and quickly advanced into broad-scale communications strategies for leading B2B clients. Developing and implemented multi-platform campaigns that would

Selling without spamming – the new feminine dynamic of online business

By Tash Corbin It seems that almost every person you meet these days has an idea for an online business. There are millions of people who want to make it big, work for themselves, and retire to the beach. The result? The internet, and social media in particular, is BUSY. It’s a noisy, bustling, ever-changing

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5 Ways to Generate More Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most resourceful – and misunderstood – social media platforms in the game today. Many people consider it a place to simply professionally connect with colleagues, and then fail to peruse its other features. LinkedIn possesses numerous tools and networking functions that can make it a seriously effective lead-building site

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