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We are excited to bring you a coding course that is fun, exciting, a little bit random and most importantly… uncomplicated!

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Did you know that it is now mandated in the Australian school curriculum that all students learn how to code? Just like maths, English and other fundamental skills, students will soon but leaving school with a basic understanding of coding. What does that mean for us already in the workforce? We need to skill-up and quick!

Women in Digital presents ‘Skill Session: Coding for Non-coders – Learn how to program with Ruby!’

This course is for:

Anyone wanting a bite-sized introduction into coding.

More specifically:

  • Managers and marketers wanting to be able to communicate more effectively with their developers
  • Manual testers wanting to get into automation development
  • Administrators that are wanting to skill up and move into a new role
  • People that want to hang out with a great bunch of women, enjoy a catered morning tea and learn an essential skill while they are at it!
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Course Instructor:

Trish Khoo | Coding for Non-Coders Ruby Workshop Instructor

Trish Khoo is a software consultant and entrepreneur who has worked in software for more than 20 years, including Google and Microsoft. She a skilled software developer, artist, and designer, and has a global reputation of expertise in software testing technology and practices.

As a leader in the technical community, Trish delivers keynotes, talks, training, and mentoring to other technologists around the world.

You can learn more about Trish at her website trishkhoo.com or by coming to our event!

Course Overview:

This hands-on course skips all the boring stuff and gets right to the fun part – making your first program in Ruby. You will write a simple program that generates randomly created sandwich recipes. And don’t stress, this course is a 101 in coding so Trish and the team will guide you through every step.

Specifically in this course you will:

  • Use variables – local, global
  • Use arrays, strings
  • Use loops
  • Use if, then, else, unless
  • Use objects
  • Use classes, add methods and call them
  • Run commands from a command line
  • Learn what to do when you get stuck

Don’t know what any of this means? Don’t stress, neither do we! That is why Trish is running this Skill Session.

Course Outcomes:

What students can expect from this 4hr weekend workshop:

  • Learn the basics of programming
  • Gain confidence when speaking to software developers
  • Be able to say the words “I am a programmer” #HumbleBrag

Other details:

Morning tea will be provided.

You must BYO laptop to take part.

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