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"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction" John C Crosby

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A mentor is someone who can guide you, help you, take you under their wing and nurture your career or business ambitions.

For Digital Career Professionals this may involve helping you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, develop skills for success, create a long-range career plan,  provide a fresh perspective or new way of looking at a problem / issue, help you navigate company culture and politics, be a sounding board, or bounce ideas off one another.

For those involved in a Start Up or Small business, a Mentor can help you through the process of idea formulation, launching a Start Up and assistance guidance and support in Business Development.

Anyone can benefit from Mentoring, no matter where they are in their personal or professional life. The only requirement is personal commitment to the program and the ability to manage work, family and study commitments.

The Women in Digital Mentoring Program is currently conducted Australia wide, and is a nine month long program in which Mentees are matched with Mentors that suit their learning and development needs for 899

Mentors are usually someone who is in the same functional area as you are and who also shares your values. The Women in Digital Mentors and Mentees will meet once a month, with the Mentor providing guidance, support and inspiration to support the Mentor to reach their personal aspirations and potential through the process of:

  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Guidance and perspective
  • Shared experience
  • Training & development support
  • Network Introduction

WID Mentors are individuals with a minimum of 10 years professional experience in the Digital or ICT industry, with demonstrated leadership and / or training experience and passion for giving back and supporting more junior members of the Digital community. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor please complete the following contact form to arrange an interview.

How does the Program Work? 

Once you have enrolled in the program, a WID representative will call you to discuss your Mentoring needs. You will initially complete a personality test to gain thorough understanding and insight into the nuances of your personality and communication style. Once matched with a Mentor, they will receive the results of your personality test, and use this as a guide to teach and communicate in a style best suited to you.

In your first meeting you will discuss mutual expectations for the mentoring relationship how it will work, what it will look like, and how often you’ll communicate. Once the ground rules are established, Mentors and Mentees will work together over Monthly meetings, using the Women in Digital Mentoring Handbook Meeting Guides to document development goals and to plan activities for the Mentee to conduct in between sessions. Through documentation clear progress can be noted, which will then assist the Mentor and Mentee.

Meetings will be arranged directly between Mentor and Mentee at times that suit both the Mentor and the Mentee. It is recommended that mentoring occur face to face, however where this is not possible, Mentoring can be conducted with Skype meetings. In between formal Mentoring sessions, it is expected that the Mentor and Mentee are in contact providing updates and support as the Mentor and Mentee work towards agreed upon development goals.

The WID team will check in with both Mentor and Mentee over the 9 month period to ensure successful progress towards Mentee goals.

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