A few weekends ago Women In Digital held their first all day workshop and what a day it was! The room was filled with sassy and determined women ready to open their minds and share their stories to better define and grow themselves as a woman and professional.

I wanted to share with those who may of sadly not been able to make it some take home tips and things to think about so you too can build your personal brand.

Personal branding Workshop - Women in DigitalOur first speaker of the day was one of the most genuine and energetic women I have met in years- if anyone could make me feel good about my brand it was going to be Michelle O’Hara. (If you are not already following this lady on social media than you need to do that right after you finish reading this). With our plates loaded of fruit and breakfast pastries Michelle asked us to write down our most recent jobs, best skills and to define our current brand in 3 words. Our favourite 3 word description had to be “bad ass B**ch”. Following this we were asked what our top 5 values were and if these are being met in our jobs- this was the most valuable thing I have done to assess myself and my future to date. So please take some time to think about this and how you can match your values to your career to reach fulfillment.

Another fun exercise Michelle had us do was assigning a dollar value against our skills to recognize how much we are actually worth. The final amount is surprising ladies!

With a break for lunch we were spoilt to having our makeup done by Laura Corringan. Prior to this we had learnt about colour palettes and matching and some really affordable products to feel fabulous in the workplace. A personal motto of my own is to dress for the job you want not the one you have. Following the make-over’s some really awesome new LinkedIn profiles were then taken.

Personal Branding Workshop - Women in DigitalNow I’m sure everyone can relate to being nervous about public speaking but our next guest Cyril Sansano had us all in giggles and taught us the importance of hub recognition. This is where you connect with just one person in the room and they are usually the one giving you a positive hub (a head nod, smile, giggle).

So you start with them and then this ripple effect spreads with your audience. To me this seems much more achievable than trying to win a whole room of people- just one friendly face! A great tip to apply when you may be pitching new business or strategy.

Lastly, our very own Petra Zink took us through LinkedIn. Some key tips from a recruiter:

Personal branding workshop with Petra Zink

  • Include past and present jobs but also future interests (increases your chances of being approached on this)
  • Use dot points to explain 3-7 key responsibilities per job
  • Post, like and share content to make others aware you are an active user.
  • Ensure you have contact details and other social media platforms linked

The lucky ladies at the workshop all received personal feedback from Petra and Holly on their accounts. If you are interested in feedback like this then please reach out to Women In Digital!

At then end bubbles and happy snaps were had all around as well as friend requests galore. Everyone came away feeling motivated with bite sized tasks we could do to become our very best bad ass B**ch.

We really hope to see even more great women at the next workshop we have!

Women in Digital - Personal branding workshop

If you missed this workshop, and would like to attend our next one, contact-us now to register your interest. We will let you know first about our next Personal Branding Workshops.

For a preview of what Women in Digital’ Personal Branding Workshops are all about, watch this video of our last Brisbane session: