Anja Neupert from LinkedIn cannot speak highly enough of her reverse mentoring experience with fellow LinkedIn superior, and now CMO Shannon Brayton.

Despite Shannon’s twenty years of experience in corporate communications the two women shared both the mentor and mentee roles to create a mutually beneficial learning relationship.

Anja, Head of Web Marketing Operations said she felt more valued despite mentoring a senior colleague.

“Initially I was doubtful of the amount of knowledge I would be able to pass onto someone like Shannon with such high experience and if there would be a genuine interest,” Anja said.

“Shannon was more than eager to learn and took copious amounts of notes which is the best aspect of reverse mentoring, as both parties are invested and benefiting.

“I came away from the 100-day program feeling much more valued and understood not only by Shannon but of my role and contributions to LinkedIn as a whole,” she said.

Recognising skill gaps and fostering authentic growth tools is key to Women In Digital who recognise specialisation across the broad digital industry occurs often.


Women In Digitals (WID) CEO Holly Tattersall met with Anja whose positive feedback of the mentoring style was the inspiration to create a reverse mentoring program at WID.

Current Global Marketing and Communications Executive and budding Chief Marketing Officer Shannon had to adopt a beginner’s mind and be up front with Anja regarding topics she did not know about.

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