Search engine optimization is an industry that has been growing steadily for a while now. Businesses want to ensure that their site ranks at the top for competitive keywords, which means they turn to SEO professionals. A lot of experts have been able to crack the secret behind Google’s search algorithms.

However, a lot of the people at the forefront of SEO aren’t who you might expect. Although many men have made names for themselves in the SEO world, a lot of women have been successful as well. With help from Break The Web SEO, here are some women that have risen to prominence in this industry.

Kristi Hines

When it comes to content marketing, few people have managed to reach the level of success that Kristi Hines has attained. Hines is one of the best content marketers in the business. She fully understands how content can influence search results.

Many SEO agencies have based their content strategies on the work that Hines has done. People often like to say that “content is king” when it comes to SEO. If that is true, then it is clear that Hines is the queen ruling over content.

Sugar Rae Hoffman

Sugar Rae Hoffman is one of the most competitive people working in the SEO industry today. She has a real hunger for knowledge. She’s always working to improve her strategies and increase her understanding of how search engine optimization works.

That hunger has helped to make her one of the more prominent names of SEO. Hoffman isn’t the sort of person that is content to settle for good enough when it comes to SEO. She wants to achieve as much as she can. Her tenacious behavior is seen as an inspiration for many.

Carla Marshall

Carla Marshall has helped many people learn both SEO basics and complicated strategies. She runs one of the most successful SEO YouTube channels, and her video tutorials are a big help to many.

Of course, Marshall doesn’t just offer tutorials. She also runs ReelSEO. She’s developed many excellent strategies that involve YouTube.

Ann Handley

Ann Handley may be the biggest name in the world of social media. In fact, Forbes magazine cited her as one of the most influential people in the social media industry. However, social media isn’t the only industry that Handley has had an impact on. She’s also managed to accomplish a lot in the world of SEO.

A strong social media presence can boost your SEO, and Handley was one of the first people to understand that. Because of her hard work, a lot of SEO agencies are now using social media to great effect. Social media can improve any SEO strategy.

Barbara Starr

A lot of people in the SEO industry have a limited amount of knowledge on subjects like software and programming. That isn’t the case for Barbara Starr. This woman is a software engineer, but she is also a highly talented SEO consultant.

Ann Smarty

Guest blogging is a strategy that a lot of people have used to improve their SEO. Guest blogging is one of the most effective and natural ways to get another site to link back to yours. While partnering up with another blog used to be a hassle, Ann Smarty simplified the process. This made her one of the most important women in the SEO industry.

Thanks to Smarty’s site MyBlogGuest, a large number of people were able to build links for their site. While MyBlogGuest is no longer an SEO staple, Smarty has not stopped influencing this industry.

Smarty created a new site, called MyBlogU, that allows site owners to crowdsource their content. Her creative mind and problem-solving skills have allowed her to find solutions to a lot of common problems. It’s clear that the industry is better off because of all of her hard work.

Marie Haynes

A lot of SEO strategies are designed to help sites improve their rankings. However, there aren’t all that many people that are working to help sites recover from setbacks. If your site has been penalized by Google or other major search engines, you need to work to find a way to get your rankings back to where they need to be.

This is a problem that Marie Haynes has worked to solve. A lot of her strategies are focused on recovery. If your site has been struggling for a while, you may want to read her blog posts and take some of her advice. She’s helped many people in this industry.

It’s clear that the SEO industry is a field that anyone can succeed in, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman. A lot of women have proven that they have a deep understanding of SEO. They’ve put their knowledge to good use, and they have helped this industry to grow and develop.

By guest blogger Olivia Wolfe