By Tash Corbin

It seems that almost every person you meet these days has an idea for an online business. There are millions of people who want to make it big, work for themselves, and retire to the beach.

The result? The internet, and social media in particular, is BUSY.

It’s a noisy, bustling, ever-changing place where it seems everyone is vying for just a moment of your time and attention.

So in this busy online world, how do you stand out? How do you actually ensure you’re heard over the noise of everyone else out there, trying to shout over each other with bigger promises, sexier branding, and sassier photographs?

Particularly for women in business, this can be a big issue. We aren’t particularly programmed to want to shout over the top of everyone, making bigger and bigger promises. And even if we are, it’s not a lot of fun. Bustling for attention, chasing every dollar – that’s not the lifestyle dream that’s promised when you get into online business.

Thankfully, there’s a growing movement of women who are proving that you don’t have to be ‘everywhere’, nor do you have to spend thousands on flashy advertising campaigns, in order to create momentum, build a business, and create a movement.

They are discovering that if they build their marketing and sales strategies to their feminine strengths, in fact, they can attract more clients, create more sustainable growth, and do it in a way that feels easier and more connected.

You see, women are amazing connectors. You don’t find men sitting at the bar, whinging that they can’t have another drink because of the empty carbs. Men bond and connect over their accomplishments, their toys, and their trophies.

Women, on the other hand, connect over periods, the battle of the bulge, the stress of parenting: in other words, they connect through their vulnerability. Their imperfections.

So instead of spamming every possible platform that you can find with your offer, and instead of feeling that you have to have everything looking perfect, and market the way the ‘big boys’ do, I invite you to explore your strength. Your ability to listen. Your ability to empathise. Your ability to connect.

This is what some of the boys are missing – the internet isn’t just another one-sided platform that can put you in front of millions of eyes. The internet is an opportunity – an opportunity to connect, and have a two-way conversation.

Here are three ways you can build your business through the power of connection:

  1. Join Facebook communities of likeminded women in business. Do so, not because of what you can get, but instead for the opportunity to give. I have seen hundreds of women join my own group ( and build five-figure-per-month businesses, simply by showing up, asking questions, listening, and helping others. They become known for their expertise very quickly.
  2. Instead of telling your audience on your social media channels, ask them. Make them the hero of your story – because they are. You are the wise guide, the Yoda, the advisor. Get real with your audience, connect with them human-to-human, and ask them questions about what is challenging them, and what they need. When your products and services address a very clear need that your audience is focused on solving… they sell themselves.
  3. Be human. Instead of feeling like you need to appear to have it all figured out, and you’re absolutely perfect, be a human being. Have you ever noticed how excited we get to see photos of celebrities without their makeup? Or how many magazines post photos of television stars out doing NORMAL things like shopping and going to the beach? It’s because we connect more with other flawed, real humans. Your picture-perfect inaccessible life might be inspiring, but it’s also intimidating, and therefore disconnecting.



Most of all, remember that your feminine approach to life is a strength, not a weakness. Gone are the days when we had to suck it up and play with the boys. We are creating our own unique business model, and our own way of marketing and selling. And it’s a whole lot easier than trying to fit someone else’s mould.


Tash Corbin is a business mentor for women in online business. She is the author of #nomorepinkghetto and the curator of the Heart-Centred Business Conference in Queensland, Australia. Her online community is home to over 23,000 women in business, and her podcast, titled #ladyposse, has achieved over 40,000 downloads in its first two years.

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