By Nirma Ledford

Since my first day working in the marketing communications field, I realised that there was a distinct disconnect between the online efforts of attracting traffic and making sales. I started out in media sales and quickly advanced into broad-scale communications strategies for leading B2B clients.

Developing and implemented multi-platform campaigns that would reach out to target markets across print, online, direct and social were my main stake. Content marketing was just kicking in and earned media space (PR) had its hay-day.

Fast-forward a decade and a half and despite all the advancements in technology, algorithms, data-driven campaigns and refined know-how of consumer behavior and buying patterns, the disconnect I realized back then – the pain point for many marketing manager and sales people – still remains. I knew from first hand experience that the issue in one form or another remained the same.

That’s when out of yet another meeting of elaborating about this persistent issue the decision was made to kick-start what has now become the LeadCaller. I had often thought about starting my own business and while marcom and media strategy was always top-of-mind, developing the solution for a decade-old problem held not only a strong ‘why’ for us, but also a mountain of new challenges. I felt scared yet ready to take the leap.

‘Know your fear and do it anyway’ goes the saying (and the book title), and I thought ‘why not’? After years of standing my women in the largely male dominated world of B2B I set foot into tech start-up land and again was faced with a boy’s club of sorts.

Talking about challenges of getting the LeadCaller developed and started, being in meetings and some of the developers or potential suppliers simply turning to my male co-founder for most crucial negotiations and topic discussions felt like more of the same. Needless to say, we chose to collaborate with IT professionals and developers that operate in the 21st century mentality of gender equality.

Now to the LeadCaller.

We all know that traffic and lead generation, much like cash flow, are the life blood of any business – no matter what size. So then, how come research shows that over 70% of leads never get called? When we look at the staggering amount of time, energy, content and money we invest to drive traffic to landing pages, websites and call-to-action forms, why on earth would we then be so poor in responding to them?

The answer is simple. Human predicament. Not that we or our sales people don’t want to, but the reality is that most sales people will make 2.5 attempts of reaching a lead. And, usually, when a new lead arrives it takes us on average 46 hours to respond to them personally. Sure, we have email auto-responders set up, but does this really equate to ‘connecting’ with a potential buyer?

Add to this, that 78% of leads will buy from the first company that calls them back, and that the conversion rate is upward of 600% higher within the first 5 minutes from when an inquiry is made. From this, you have the very foundation of what we set out for the LeadCaller to be: a tool that would allow your sales people to actually personally engage with leads as soon as possible after they make an inquiry – and to automate this.

Introducing the LeadCaller. Imagine, your lead enters their details into a call-to-action form and within less than 1 minute they receive a call from your sales staff. Would that not prove world-class efficient and prompt customer service? Create a stand-out first impression of your company for your potential buyer? And, as they have literally just filled out the form, your sales staff has a 72% plus reach rate, meaning they save the usual 3 – 5 attempts to actually reach the lead.

The LeadCaller essentially translates any online inquiry into an automatically triggered call and message directed to your designated number(s) and with the click of a single button your sales agent is connected to the lead in under 60 seconds. This means you save time in making follow-up calls, you minimize leads going cold by being called too late and you reduce loss of leads to your competitors too. Traditionally, when potential buyers investigate a product or service, they will fill out 4 – 6 forms on provider websites. If you, due to the LeadCaller, happen to be the first to call them back, you are leaps ahead of your competition and you have increased the chance of conversion by 6 fold or more.

There are oodles of other features such as call recording, forwarding and re-routing, but essentially, having a speed-to-connect of under a minute and facilitating a prompt personal connection with your leads means that you short-fuse the sales funnel and fast-track to more sales. Now, after years of hearing this very problem as one of the key pain-points from marketers and sales folks across B2B and B2C, here it is, the solution I myself had even wished for all these years.

Being new to market, we have decided to let businesses trial the LeadCaller for free for 7 days, enough to show just how effective it is. After that, there are different subscription packages available depending on call volumes and added features, with pricing being rather low when you look at the impact the LeadCaller can have on your lead-to-sale conversion.

Head to to learn more about the product or to apply for your free trial.

Key lessons I have learned:

  1. When you come across a problem, don’t fret over it, simply go about creating the solution. This is true innovation.
  2. Work with people you jell with, not those that treat you differently, be it for gender, race or anything else…
  3. Listen to your market, then provide the solution they need. Often we focus on what we want, but we are not the buyer they are.
  4. Never-ever go with the first best-quote, service or provider. Get a broad scope of quotes, dig into the fine print, then make a decision based on the overall best value, not just price.
  5. Find the right people to collaborate, partner and do business with. People do business with people – not emails, funnels or brands. That is also the core value of the LeadCaller.
  6. Trust yourself. Focus on the ‘can do’ and be willing to embrace the challenges and face your fears. That is where greatness and success are born.

About Nirma Ledford

Nirma Ledford is a B2B/B2C marketing communications professional of over 15 years, a brand management advisor and co founder of the LeadCaller – lead response management system. Nirma has been sought after by media for comment and has written extensively on marcom and related topics.