Technology is a universal language, however no matter where you go, technological developments are always different in structure and process. They live in a complex and unique environment and I count myself very lucky to have found such a binding interest in this environment at such a young age.

My name is Joan Labador, I am a Senior Developer at and I have had over 9 years of IT experience in designing and developing web and mobile applications. I am originally from the Philippines, but work lead me to Singapore and now on to Australia. As a woman in the technology space, I do feel that I’ve had to work harder and smarter to be recognised in a male dominated industry. I don’t perceive this to be a negative however, as I know that where I am today has been a result of my own devotion and hard work. Making it all the more rewarding.

In 2016, I received CSC’s Global Top Talents and Top Projects award in Singapore, one of the highest forms of recognition in the IT industry. That moment was a nod to all Australian females who are in a male dominated industry, and I felt so proud to be representing them and all of the hard work they do in the digital space daily.

I began my career in the Philippines in 2007, I was riding the wave of the technology boom in a country that fostered female talent.

In 2010, I took a big leap of faith and I moved my career to Singapore. At the time I was the only female working in my development team, however I relished the opportunity to challenge myself amongst the best. It was less friendly and less flexible than the Philippines however it enabled me to learn fast and produce quality work to ensure I kept up.

The technology space challenges you to be your best every second of every day. You need to be on the ball and working efficiently in order to maximise the experience you can gain.

One of the best benefits of being in such a tough environment was the recognition for great work. I have found in my time working as a developer overseas, has toughened my skin and made me realise that women have a long way to go when it comes to having our voices and opinions heard.

From my own experiences I have developed a number of tips I’d give to women looking to enter the technology space or continue their journey in this rewarding landscape:

  • Don’t be intimidated: you will work with a number of people who assume that intimidation will further their case/make you think you’re inferior/make them look better to the boss – no matter the reason, ignore them. Learning how to manage up and down in any work place is a skill people develop over time.
  • Keep going: this one for me is simple – nobody can stop us but ourselves. It’s common place that women place perceived limitations on themselves everyday which can limit our ability to think creatively and find solutions for problems in the work place.
  • Take a giant leap: whether it be a move overseas, a new job or just a new way of doing a task you complete every day, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.
  • Keep your mind open and let your passions lead the waySimply speaking don’t be afraid of setbacks and always be open minded. Letting your passions lead the way will keep you on track to smashing your goals.

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