Women in Digital 2020 Pledge

At Women in Digital, we’re on a mission to change Gender Diversity in the technology industry – so we’re helping tech teams to reach greater gender diversity across Australia through the Women in Digital 2020 Pledge.

Where we’re at:

The Tech industry ranks among the lowest sectors in terms of gender diversity. Research shows that we’re at about 30% gender diversity in technical roles, and only 14% in leadership roles within tech. It’s time to change the status quo to create better business outcomes and greater gender equality.

Why it matters: 

  • Generate better returns: Morgan Stanley Research has found that ‘highly gender diverse’ tech firms average 5.4% higher return than those with less gender diversity;
  • The Competitive Edge: More gender equality corresponds with greater productivity and innovation, higher employee retention and better risk management;
  • Greater Problem Solving: Research shows that diversity of thought leads to better problem-solving. And increased innovation.
  • Inclusive Design: A diverse team can better design products and service for a diverse audience.
  • Ethical inclusion: Around the world, the future is Digital. We have a moral obligation to include Women in the careers of the future.

Why focus just on females, not broader diversity?  

We value Diversity of all types – ethnicity, experience, religion and race to name but a few. At Women in Digital we know the Diversity of your team is a constant work in progress, and see Dender Diversity as an important component of creating a richly diverse and productive technology team.

The Women in Digital 2020 pledge is a public commitment in which your company will strive for greater gender Diversity within your Technology team.

How does it work?

  • Initial Consultation

We understand that every company is unique, so we are committed to gaining a high-level understanding of your organization, its gender diversity statistics, relevant cultural dynamics and existing strategies for Recruitment, Engagement and Retention. The initial consultation will help you and your company to gain a broader understanding of the cultural issues at play and help to unify key stakeholders in a commitment to the pledge.

At the consultation phase, we will also agree upon goals as part of an engagement plan to ensure there are tangible measures to work towards.

  • Onboarding

The onboarding process will include signatory commitment to the WID 2020 Pledge and WID Diversity Charter. We celebrate this commitment through prominent branding and Pledge member profiling on our Website and across Social Media channels.

  • Recruitment Support

Women in Digital offers its Pledge signatories talent sourcing services. Women in Digital has a proven successful track record of sensitive appointments in technology across all levels. With an understanding of your organisations’ culture and key skill requirements, we recruit for diversity, presenting a shortlist of talented female candidates to create a richly diverse and productive technology team.

  • Tracking

We schedule quarterly meetings to monitor progress, problem solve organisational challenges and celebrate success in the pursuit of your organisations’ goals. On an annual basis, you will also be required to share progress data for anonymous inclusion in the WID Diversity Report.

What is the WID Diversity Report? 

All WID Pledge Members will be included in our annual Diversity Report. This report will track you and your peers’ progress toward the 40% target, outlining what has worked, what hasn’t etc.  Share more information about your diversity you will be part of the solution, acting as an industry leader and role model.

So what is the Pipeline Project? 

The Pipeline Project is our commitment to building a greater pipeline of Women in Digital. We donate 10% of all profits back to community groups that are providing Digital education and training to young girls and women, to ensure gender diversity in tech isn’t the exception, but the rule for future generations.

By participating in the WID 2020 Pledge you are contributing to the future of Diversity in Digital.

Aside from the clear financial benefits and productivity gains of improving your Gender Diversity, and social benefits our services provide, the Women in Digital pledge can help your company to:

  • Clearly and publicly demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Gain access to our Women In Digital Awards
  • Gain access to resources and tools for improved talent management
  • Gain access to Women in Digital’s vast on and offline network network
  • Inclusion in our Pipeline Project that will ensure 10% of every dollar spent on improving your organisations Diversity contributes to future of Diversity in Tech
  • Participation in the WID Diversity Report
  • Feature article on the Women in Digital blog, profiling a current female leader at your organisation

If you are interested in learning more or signing up to the Women in Digital 2020 Pledge then get in touch with us on 1800 793 203 or holly@womenindigital.org

For more information check out our FAQ or contact Holly Tattersall on 1800 793 203 or holly@womenindigital.org

It’s time to accelerate change – are you ready to play your part?’

Our Pledge Members: