On May 24th, Brisbane’s digital community gathered for the Digital Transformation event at the Microsoft Head Quarters in Brisbane CBD. The theme for May was Digital Transformation and our guest panel shared their expertise on the matter.

Our host for the evening Louise Flynn (Head of Marketing at Neto) and guest speakers Megan Harris (Organisational Change Manager, BOQ), Weng Woo (Chief Digital Officer LGIASuper), Matt Henry (Digital Innovation NRL) and Margarita Camus (Senior Digital Strategist at QLD Urban Utilities).

Weng Woo started the evening, discussing the importance of the customer experience when going through a digital transformation. He went on to explain that companies can establish a competitive edge by implementing technology into the workplace to increase collaboration and productivity for its people. However, simply implementing new technology isn’t enough as companies must not forget it’s people first, then technology, since digital transformation is only successful when all users use the new technology.

Margarita Camus discussed the importance of creating a culture of change and how the entire business needs to be on board with the digital transformation. You can do this by sharing your knowledge with leaders and getting them to understand new technologies first hand, such as introducing Tec Talks to the work place and educating leaders on digital technologies such as social media.

Megan Harris continued the conversation from a different perspective, her advice about going through a digital transformation is to start at the front line then work your way up to the CEO because, if you don’t know what’s broken it’s hard to fix. Megan goes on to say that digital transformation is all about the people power and grassroots movements. Megan is very passionate about the people and encourages them to speak up because, people can make a difference they just need to work together. Furthermore, Megan went on to share about an event she had organised at the Bank of Queensland HQ – The Digital World Café, where they invited all ages and demographics across the business to experience the digital world first hand and what to expect soon.

Matt Henry tied up the evening, discussing his experiences at the NRL and how the digital world is changing rapidly. He went on to explain that having basic HTML knowledge will assist in internal transformation but there is a lot more to digital transformation. Organisations need to make sure there is a plan in place for their people, as roles become digital it is important to educate and grow their people with the business.

As you may have discovered the sheer scope of what digital transformation encompasses can feel overwhelming, making it difficult to begin implementation. Oftentimes organisations try to simplify their digital transformation journey by solely focusing on the finding the right technology in hopes to creating a positive customer experience. But digital transformation is a strategic, planned and organisational change. As Louise Flynn ended the event she said ‘Digital Transformation is an elephant, you can only change one thing at a time’.

For those who were unable to attend, our next WID in Brisbane will be held on June 21st at 5:30pm, with the topic ‘Omni Channel Marketing’. This event will feature Nathan Bush (Group Digital Manager at Super Retail Group), Kelly Newbery (Digital Marketing Manager at Neto), Emma Carter (Lead Experience Design) at Thoughtworks and Jase Clamp (Product Manager at Temando) with Cassie Matcham moderating.

Find out more details and link to get your ticket HERE