Women in Digital Diversity Charter

This is a commitment by signatories to take action and strive towards greater gender diversity in their technology teams across Australia. Signatories are committed to pursue a diversity and inclusion agenda in their recruitment and retention practices and strategies.

This charter was created in the acknowledgment that greater gender diversity in the Digital industry creates more creative and productive technology teams creating a natural follow on effect to the prosperity of the Australian economy as we cement our position as an economy of thought.

The Charter signatories agree to:

  • Support attraction, recruitment and retention practices which are designed to increase the diversity of their workforce;
  • Make progress toward 40% Gender Diversity by 2020, with the understanding that we all have different starting points and workplace challenges;
  • Measure the diversity profile of their employees and share this data anonymously for collective publication in Women in Digital’s Diversity Report;

Signatories of this pledge agree to promote diversity by:

  • Having a Senior leader publicly commit to the charter;
  • Adopting inclusive attraction and recruitment processes as recommended by Women in Digital, working toward the following goals:
    • Where possible women are included on the shortlist for interviews and diverse talent is actively encouraged to apply for roles;
    • Ensuring employment policies and practices support the development and retention of an inclusive and diverse workforce;
    • Contributing their employment diversity data to be included in the annual WID Diversity Report.

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