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Why Writing Copy, Goes Beyond Just Words Sounding Good Together

October 2, 2017 by Elise Le-Galloudec

Anita Siek is an admitted Lawyer turned Founder and Director of Wordfetti, a virtual copywriting agency where they do not believe in traditional copywriting, but disruptive, internet breaking, and thought-provoking copywriting.

In today’s ever changing economy, one thing remains constant: competition. So how does one curate copy and words that can help stand out from the rest?

We chat to Anita to find out.

So, how do you curate copy that “stands out”?

There are three ingredients we need before we at Wordfetti pull together a strategy to then cook up a storm with writing copy!

1. A business’s passion for what they do;

2. An understanding of what the business or organisation wants to “solve”; and

3. An articulate understanding of their target market/audience.

With the latter, we’re not just talking about “women”, “men”, or “the public” – it needs to be narrowed down to the very specifics like – their demographic, their everyday habits, where they read their news, what makes them “tick”. This is important because when we curate thought-provoking copy, we work backwards from the mind of the reader.

We don’t just want sentences to just sound good, we want the copy to resonate with them, to “wow”, stick with the audience, so that they remember the business, after all the research they have done.  And in order to do this, you need to know how they think, what they like and dislike, so that we can help them realise how your product or service will be the one to solve their pain points.

Businesses and organisations all have a reason to exist, doing what they do. But unfortunately, some fall through the cracks because they’re not able to communicate their value and purpose clearly and concisely. That’s when us as consumers, will go – NEXT.

How did Wordfetti begin?

As a hobby late in 2016 when I was working full time. I have always always always been fascinated by the English language and the ability of how certain words (despite their similar meanings) can trigger different emotions in the reader.

For example:

“I’d like to get your thoughts” vs “I’d love to get your thoughts” – somewhat similar meanings, but one definitely sounds more sincere than the other doesn’t it!?

What was the one thing you learnt from starting your own business?

That if you want to deliver a service, or sell a product – don’t do it simply because you think it’s going to be the next big thing. Do it because you 150% believe in it, because you wouldn’t mind working on the business even if you were on holidays, because you are passionate about it, and because you’d do it, even if you had to do it for free.

Why!? Because when things get tough (and it will), it will be the one thing that will drive you to keep going.

Did you always know you were going to be a Copywriter?

Nope! I studied Law and Psychology at University and was SO sure I was going to be either a Psychologist or a Lawyer.

I guess I kind of ended on a path of being in the middle. Being in Law School definitely helped me be a better writer, and studying Psychology opened my eyes to the importance of understanding personalities in conversation and in writing.

Any final tips for women entrepreneurs/young entrepreneurs who are looking to take the next step towards launching their own business?

Surround yourself with friends and people who are positive, fuel your passion, and those who continue to inspire you. That energy is CONTAGIOUS! Be a continuous learner and absorb knowledge wherever you can. No one can ever take that from you! And lastly, don’t become an “entrepreneur” or start a business simply for the money. That always comes after. Do it because you love it, because you 150% believe in it, and because you wouldn’t mind breathing it 24/7!

Wordfetti is based in sunny Queensland, Brisbane, however their location poses no boundaries for they currently service Clients across the nation in Australia as well as across borders in Paris, United States, Korea, Asia and Canada. They specialise in copywriting and write a myriad of copy including but not limited to websites, marketing collateral, print/advertising materials, social media and corporate communications. Owing to the Founder’s background, they also draft legal copy, such as your Terms and Conditions and Service Agreements.

Elise Le-Galloudec