When Data Meets Design

By Sejal Jamnadas We live in the age of data. Everything from numbers, graphs, code, images, dots, lines, sound, video and hashtags. Sometimes we don't even see the data. We just see that Amazon magically recommends us books we'd be interested in, or that Facebook happens to know the latest sales happening at our favourite

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3 Ways Big Data will Change Lives

Have you heard about big data recently? It’s the use of clever software to analyse massive amounts of data. This then reveals patterns and trends which can predict how people will behave. Chances are you have come across big data already. Remember the last time you were buying a plane ticket online and you were

Big Data – A True Story Why It Might Save Your Life

By Kent Kwan, Co-founder of AtlasTrend I’ve written previously about why big data is a mega investment trend. Click Here for some of those insights. For this article, I would like to share with you a personal story about the remarkable power of big data and how it could save your life or the life of a loved

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How are you contributing to Big Data?

By Jade Ong This article was submitted by AtlasTrend (www.atlastrend.com). To learn more about the Online Shopping and other mega world trends, CLICK HERE. AtlasTrend  is a global equities fund manager that makes it easy for anyone to invest in the world’s most transforming trends such as Online Shopping. For more investing insights and to learn about

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