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Entries Now Closed

Nominations for the 2023 Women in Digital Awards have now closed. We look forward to celebrating with you at the Awards Gala in November.

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The Women in Digital Awards was created around the idea that ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’.

We believe that unless we have more visible role models in digital and technology we won’t change the status quo. By shining a light on industry leaders, we shine a light on the career pathways and possibilities that digital and technology provides to women.

We are fierce advocates of celebrating excellence and know that these awards support self-recognition and belief. In fact, in 2021 over 88% of nominees said that they had more career confidence after completing a Women in Digital awards nomination process.

And really, what human doesn’t want to feel better about their abilities? These awards provide a platform for self-reflection, recognition of achievements and the opportunity for peers to acknowledge and encourage great work.

Key Dates

Nominations Open: June 2023
Nominations Close: Friday, August 4 2023 – 11:59pm AEST
Finalist Judging Day: Tuesday, August 29 2023
Finalists Announced: Tuesday, September 12 2023
Ticket Sales Close: Friday, October 20 2023
Winners Announced: Friday, November 3 2023

Why Enter

Self-reflection and recognition.
The nomination process encourages you to pause and think about your achievements and then articulate them.

Career visibility.
Get your work out there, and let the success speak volumes about you.

Business visibility.
If you become a finalist or winner, you’ll have the industry’s best and brightest learning about the incredible work you do! This is business gold (hello free PR!) for Founders.

Inspiring others.
By putting yourself forward and showcasing your work in digital and technology you have the opportunity inspire young girls and women to follow in your footsteps and realise a career in technology.

Nominating yourself?

*nominations are now closed*

  1. Select the category that best applies to you. For each category, there are clearly defined criteria markers for eligibility. If you meet these, then you’re good to go!
  2. Take a look at the nomination form questions, and start thinking through some examples or experiences you have to respond to these.
  3. Create a (FREE) account and complete your nomination form by the due date.
  4. Pat yourself on the back for completing your nomination! Whether you’re doing it for yourself, or doing it to inspire others, you should be proud of completing your entry.
  5. Sit back and wait for finalist announcements.
  6. Buy your tickets to attend the WID Awards gala evening! Win or not, this will be an incredible night of networking and celebration.

Nominating someone else?

Whether it’s your work wife, inspiring team member, industry partner, customer or just someone you admire from afar, you have the opportunity to easily recognise them for the great work they do with the Women in Digital Awards program.

*nominations are now closed*

  1. Select the category that best applies to the person you’d like to nominate.
  2. You can either do a little shoulder tap and let them know they should enter, or alternatively you can complete their nomination form for them.
  3. If you’re doing a shoulder tap, fill out their name, email address and why you think they should nominate.
  4. If you’d like to complete the nomination form on their behalf, select ‘nominate other’. Create a FREE account and off you go!
  5. Complete the nomination form completing the entry with their details by the due date.
  6. Pat yourself on the back for being a brilliant advocate of women in the industry!
  7. Get yourself some tickets to attend the WID Awards Gala evening.

What past winners say.

Tamara Mirkovic, 2022 Digital Transformation & Data Leader of the Year
“Following the awards I’ve had many people reach out to me on Linkedin and other professional networking organisations for mentoring support, keynote speaking events and I was even interviewed on a podcast! These opportunities would have been out of reach if it had not been for the recognition associated with these awards and connections that I made through WiD.”

Aishwarya Kansakar, 2021 Rising Star of the Year

“The Women in Digital Awards has driven awareness about my career and endeavours! I have received a number of speaking invitations to multiple national conferences and have spoken in front of hundreds of industry leaders. I’ve had the opportunity to increase my reach which has strengthened my position in the Australian technology community.”

Sasha Morrissey, 2022 Software Engineer of the Year

“I am beyond grateful to be awarded 2022 Software Engineer of the Year. As I said on the night, I’ve loved coding since I was a kid, the fact that I get to do this as my job feels like a real-life fairy-tale.I hope these awards show women everywhere that there are people like them in the digital industry. Let’s continue to change the world through technology!”

Sorcha Abel, 2020 Technical Leader of the Year
“One of the best parts about entering was that it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my past accomplishments. I have a tendency not to focus on my achievements or else I just completely take them for granted and therefore discount them. The WID Awards made me stop, think, and forced me to reflect and document my achievements. It’s helped me to change my perspective, from one that is always focused on looking at my future goals to look at my past achievements. It actually helped me to believe in myself more. And an award that can do that is worth its weight in gold!!!”

Tracy Whitelaw, 2021 Executive Leader of the Year

“One of my best friends’ daughters had a hero dress-up day for school. She told her mum that she wanted to dress up like her friend who was on stage winning the digital award (spoiler alert – that’s me!), which absolutely melted my heart. Its moments like that which demonstrate why we all need to nominate ourselves and the ladies in our life for the Women in Digital awards – to show young girls and women that a career in technology can be truly aspirational.”

Alexis Tyler, 2021 Software Engineer of the Year
“The Women in Digital Awards has been an incredible experience and opened so many doors in my career. In the months following the awards, I’ve had so many people reach out to me with mentoring, speaking, and networking opportunities. It’s given me great confidence in my abilities, as well as clarity into the value I can bring at work. I know it can be daunting to put your hand up for something like this, but I can’t recommend it more highly, for yourself and your career.”