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Forging your path to leadership in tech

June 4, 2024 by Women in Digital

“Conscious reinvention throughout your career will get you where you need to be.” – Susannah Rosoman, Managing Director at Accenture


In an era where technology drives transformation across all sectors, the need for diverse leadership has never been more critical. Women in Digital recently hosted our Melbourne showcase event “Leadership at Every Level: Forging Your Own Path”, aimed at inspiring and empowering women to break barriers and ascend to leadership roles in the tech industry. The event brought together CEOs and founders from the tech and digital industry, each at different stages of their careers, to share their insights, experiences, and the lessons they’ve learned on their journey to success.

The Current Landscape

Despite women making up half of the Australian workforce, they remain underrepresented in key decision-making roles. According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), women hold only:

  • 19.4% of CEO positions
  • 32.5% of key management positions
  • 33% of board memberships, and
  • A mere 18% of board chair roles.

At this pace, gender parity in CEO roles will not be achieved until 2100. This stark disparity underscores the importance of events like Women in Digital, which aim to accelerate progress by showcasing the achievements and strategies of successful women leaders in tech.

Embracing Challenges and Leading Boldly

A recurring theme throughout the event was the importance of embracing challenges and leading boldly. Dr. Morley Muse, Co-Founder and Director at iSTEM Co, highlighted the power of expertise and confidence. She emphasised that being exceptionally good at what you do can overshadow any biases or preferences others might have. This sentiment encourages women to hone their skills and assert their worth, regardless of the obstacles they may face.

In contrast, Nikita Fernandes, CEO and Co-Founder at Fora Health, shared a different yet equally powerful perspective: the value of cautious, considered action. She candidly admitted to feeling fear but emphasised the importance of trusting one’s gut and making bold moves despite it. Her approach resonated with many, underscoring that leadership does not require the absence of fear but rather the courage to act in spite of it.

The Power of Reinvention

Susannah Rosoman‘s (Managing Director at Accenture) journey illustrated the power of reinvention and staying curious. She spoke about the necessity of continuously evolving and surrounding oneself with the right people. This mindset of conscious reinvention ensures that one remains relevant and adaptable in an ever-changing industry.

The insights shared by the panelists provided practical, relatable advice that can be applied by women at any stage of their careers. From knowing one’s boundaries and worth to trusting in one’s value and making strategic decisions, these takeaways were not only inspirational but also actionable.

Building a Future of Inclusive Leadership

At Women in Digital, we believe representation matters. “You can’t be what you can’t see” is more than a mantra; it’s a call to action. The lack of female representation in leadership roles not only limits opportunities for women but also stifles innovation and diversity of thought within organisations. Research consistently shows that companies with greater gender diversity in leadership positions outperform their less diverse counterparts, achieving higher financial returns, greater employee satisfaction, and better decision-making.

The sentiment delivered by the expert panel underscored the transformative power of inclusive leadership. By stepping up to lead at every level, women can drive significant change within their organisations and beyond.

Moving Forward

As we look to the future, it is clear that more needs to be done to bridge the gender gap in leadership within the tech industry. Women in Digital, alongside the work being done by women such as Dr Morely Muse, Susannah Rosoman and Nikita Fernandes, will continue to create platforms for women to connect, learn, and inspire each other. By amplifying the voices and stories of women leaders, we aim to encourage more women to pursue leadership roles and forge their paths in tech.



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