Liquid Learning, Women in ICT and Digital Leadership Summit 2019

Inspired. Motivated. Focused. Three words summarising how I felt walking out after two days at the Liquid Learning, Women in ICT and Digital Leadership Summit 2019. I’m Emma Judd, Group Marketing Manager at Place Design Group and I was the lucky winner of the Women in Digital LinkedIn competition, to attend this Summit from July

What is digital and how to get company buy-in

Digital has infiltrated business and changed processes at such speed that clarity around what digital is, has yet to be adopted at scale. Every employee, from CEO to sales manager to finance executive, has a different perspective on what digital does. Paul Randal, Digital Capability Director of Brand Learning, has described the role of the

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Who’s interested in your best interests? The Art of finding the right Mentor

The office is a bee hive. We are the workers, gathering pollen for the most powerful bee - the Queen (although in reality we usually turn information into honey for the King bee, as 85% of company CEOs are men). Like structures in the hive, we learn from each other through an institutionalised training system

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Wide eyed and bushy tailed? you must be a grad

Ten years into the workforce, I look upon that final year of university as one of the most exciting times in ones life. The world literally is your oyster (unless you have failed your final year exams. In which case it wasn't your fault, life is basically playing a sick joke on you). With perspective, the success recipe

Sexy Digital Careers: fallacy or fact?

Women in the workforce. Either I have an ear for this topic or it really was a trending theme in conversation. Regardless I am glad that this topic made the agenda  at last weekends' G20 summit. This theme permeated conversation among leaders, Global Cafe speakers and the general public; even my tweet questioning the occurrence of misogyny and hostility towards women in the

My friend, Mr. Mondayitis

How can someone make friends with Mondayitis? According to Urban Dictionary (aka. the urban life code) Mondayitis is described as "a feeling of weariness, sadness, apathy and general distress that many individuals feel when starting the Monday morning work week. If you believe this statement applies to you then this means that you: (a) really don't like your

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Digital disruption, recruitment and the search for unicorns

Telling someone that his or her industry or business will face imminent redundancy doesn’t necessarily create the best first impression. It does however create a lasting one. Within a generation where we struggle to hold attention to one factor for more than 30 seconds this should probably qualify as an achievement. I know that Digital

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Hunter or the hunted? top tips for getting noticed online

Finding a job is no longer as simple as what it once was. Where candidates were once assessed on face value and reference checks, LinkedIn and Twitter have digitally disrupted the world of recruitment. The Internet is your CV and social channels are your references meaning that your digital footprint must be scrupulously managed. If your digital presence

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