She Codes Plus Showcase: Tips for Building a Career in Tech

At Women in Digital, we are fierce advocates for connecting, educating, and empowering women to give them the skills and support they need to thrive in the tech industry. We are very lucky to not be alone in this mission and another great organisation trying to build up women (and software) is She Codes. We

Insights from the Women in Digital Squiggly Careers Panel

Insights from the WID Squiggly Careers Evening... The following points are my squiggled down reference notes from an interesting Women In Digital International event that I attended in February 2020. The topic was Squiggly Careers which was facilitated by Carly Shearman with guest speakers Bernadette Stone, Zoe Caplen-Black and Karen Whiteford. I picked upon a

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Liquid Learning, Women in ICT and Digital Leadership Summit 2019

Inspired. Motivated. Focused. Three words summarising how I felt walking out after two days at the Liquid Learning, Women in ICT and Digital Leadership Summit 2019. I’m Emma Judd, Group Marketing Manager at Place Design Group and I was the lucky winner of the Women in Digital LinkedIn competition, to attend this Summit from July

Women in Digital Awards – An Evening of Excellence

Celebrating the women doing incredible things in digital.  By Caitlin Ritter Isn’t it weird how women so often struggle to advocate for themselves? There are plenty of studies acknowledging and explaining the phenomenon, but considering how incredible women are, it blows my mind every day when I hear another woman modestly downplaying herself. That’s why

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Strategy to the Top: Women in Leadership

There’s something magical about being in a room full of women that’s buzzing with interesting conversations; everything from digital marketing, finance, latest tech trends, wine and outfit compliments. Every woman’s inhibition seems to disappear as the room is filled with stories of achievements and aspirations. It’s well and truly a woman’s element. The Women in

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Women in Digital Brisbane – Digital Transformation Wrap Up

On May 24th, Brisbane’s digital community gathered for the Digital Transformation event at the Microsoft Head Quarters in Brisbane CBD. The theme for May was Digital Transformation and our guest panel shared their expertise on the matter. Our host for the evening Louise Flynn (Head of Marketing at Neto) and guest speakers Megan Harris (Organisational

Women in Digital Sydney – ‘Mobility it’s a Mindset’ Wrap Up

On April 19, Sydney’s digital community gathered for the second Women in Digital event of 2017 at the Art House Hotel. The theme for April was ‘Mobility – it’s a Mindset’, drawing on three senior digital leaders to share their experience of mobility as both a career mindset, and through their expertise on mobile as a

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Five Reasons why you should attend this year’s EMSA

If you have never heard of the Email Marketing Summit Australia (EMSA) then let me fill you in. The EMSA is a premium event designed by email marketers for people interested in email marketing! If you want to learn about how email marketing can increase your ROI or currently utilise email marketing as a business

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Elevator Pitches and Networking Event Success with Jen Burrows

Imagine this scenario. You’re in an Elevator when Richard Branson walks in (perhaps ‘insert your career here’s’ equivalent) and it’s just the two of you. You both look at each other, you with dawning recognition, and them with a complacent smile. The button’s light up with each floor, 5, 6, 7 when suddenly there’s a

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