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So where do you want to go with your career?

By Sejal Jamnadas ‘So, where do you want to go in your career?’ is probably the hardest question anybody could ever ask me. Firstly, because I don’t have actually have a ‘good’ answer. You know, like all those people who can ramble on their 5 and 10 year career plans and know exactly what industry

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5 Ways Employees and Companies Benefit from Flexible Working Options

It’s not all about the benjamins. Today’s workers increasingly value the ability to work where and when they want, with many saying it’s even more important than pay. As a long-time remote worker — I currently write remotely for Biteable's blog — I can personally vouch for the benefits of flexible work. At Biteable, our

Motivation is the biggest lie of our generation

By Sejal Jamnadas I’m a sucker for making big audacious goals. Actually, MOST people are suckers for making big audacious goals. Think back to January 1st of every year and the number of times you’ve told yourself you’ll lose 3kg this year, or that you’ll talk to more people to kick-start your business idea or

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Becoming a Structured Communicator: Start with Bullet Points

Mastering structured communication is fundamental for effective persuasion, leadership and problem-solving. In management consulting, structured communication in business is pounded into every new associate that joins the firm. In marketing, advertising, technology and financial services alike, the ability to articulate clear thoughts is highly-regarded in individual presentation and client deliverables.

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Closing the Wage Gap: 5 Salary Negotiation Tips Every Woman Should Use

It’s hard to know how much you should ask for before taking a job if you don’t know how much you’re worth to a company. You could sell yourself short if you walk into a salary negotiation unprepared and accept an offer for less than what someone with your experience is earning at other companies.

Want to be Paid Fairly? Join a Tech Company with more Women Executives

We already know that companies with more women executives are more profitable. But these companies are also paying their female employees more fairly, according to a new analysis by Redfin and PayScale. The gender pay gap is half the size at tech companies with more women executives. For this study, Redfin examined the gender makeup of executive teams

Strategy to the Top: Women in Leadership

There’s something magical about being in a room full of women that’s buzzing with interesting conversations; everything from digital marketing, finance, latest tech trends, wine and outfit compliments. Every woman’s inhibition seems to disappear as the room is filled with stories of achievements and aspirations. It’s well and truly a woman’s element. The Women in

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From Programmer to Product Manager: How to achieve your career PB

As part of our Inspiring Women in Digital series, our energetic blogger Alex Hobbs spoke to Rachel Kerr about her thoughts on building a rewarding career in tech - and what 'leaning in' means to her. AH: Working for LiveHire, in your opinion how has the growth of online communications impacted the talent acquisition process? And

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Being Branded isn’t always a bad thing

Written by Alex Hobbs  Do you ever find yourself completely devoted to one brand? Perhaps you are Apple over Samsung, MAC over Napoleon or (lets face it) anything over home brand. When it comes to objects we decide so easily what is good or bad, but on a personal level disagree with “branding” ourselves. In

Taking the pinch out of the pay rise conversation

By WID Blogger Josephine Kent Last Wednesday Women in Digital and our partner Diverse City Careers were honoured to host Matt Wallaert, Global Director for accelerator programs at Microsoft and founder of  A naturally charismatic speaker, Matt had the entire room enthralled by his words of wisdom as he delivered a talk highlighting the most

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