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Strategy to the Top: Women in Leadership

There’s something magical about being in a room full of women that’s buzzing with interesting conversations; everything from digital marketing, finance, latest tech trends, wine and outfit compliments. Every woman’s inhibition seems to disappear as the room is filled with stories of achievements and aspirations. It’s well and truly a woman’s element. The Women in

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From Programmer to Product Manager: How to achieve your career PB

As part of our Inspiring Women in Digital series, our energetic blogger Alex Hobbs spoke to Rachel Kerr about her thoughts on building a rewarding career in tech - and what 'leaning in' means to her. AH: Working for LiveHire, in your opinion how has the growth of online communications impacted the talent acquisition process? And

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Being Branded isn’t always a bad thing

Written by Alex Hobbs  Do you ever find yourself completely devoted to one brand? Perhaps you are Apple over Samsung, MAC over Napoleon or (lets face it) anything over home brand. When it comes to objects we decide so easily what is good or bad, but on a personal level disagree with “branding” ourselves. In

Taking the pinch out of the pay rise conversation

By WID Blogger Josephine Kent Last Wednesday Women in Digital and our partner Diverse City Careers were honoured to host Matt Wallaert, Global Director for accelerator programs at Microsoft and founder of getraised.com.  A naturally charismatic speaker, Matt had the entire room enthralled by his words of wisdom as he delivered a talk highlighting the most

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Why it’s essential to attend conferences and how to win the go-ahead from your boss.

  Those fortunate enough to attend TedX or even SXSW this year would have walked away feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Not only because those sharing their knowledge and experience were engaging and cutting edge, but because creativity begets creativity. Sticking to the office like an oyster to a rock is not ideal for the employee

The salary discrepancy – why and the (albeit gendered) way to help fix it

Women earn less than men. It’s hard to determine why, when in many instances men and women are equally educated, have the same experience and perform exactly the same roles. Yet the data proves it to be true and the disparity is not being fixed in a hurry. The gendered salary disparity doesn’t discriminate against industry and is noted to also effect women in the glittery hills of Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence, one actress

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Addicted to Digital? It’s Time to Strategically Switch-Off

Is this you…almost you…or somebody you know? You’re in bed and the familiar glow of your mobile phone hovers inches from your face, as your thumb restlessly scrolls through another social feed before punching the browser app. Nothing, nothing, nothing – you’ve read everything you could read and your inbox is close to empty, save

Who’s interested in your best interests? The Art of finding the right Mentor

The office is a bee hive. We are the workers, gathering pollen for the most powerful bee - the Queen (although in reality we usually turn information into honey for the King bee, as 85% of company CEOs are men). Like structures in the hive, we learn from each other through an institutionalised training system

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Sexy Digital Careers: fallacy or fact?

Women in the workforce. Either I have an ear for this topic or it really was a trending theme in conversation. Regardless I am glad that this topic made the agenda  at last weekends' G20 summit. This theme permeated conversation among leaders, Global Cafe speakers and the general public; even my tweet questioning the occurrence of misogyny and hostility towards women in the

The Jungle Gym of Success

Men will actively plan out their careers while only 1 in 20 women will do the same. According to Dianne Jeans from DSITIA, women are opportunists and tend to flow through a much less structured path. For me this comment can be equated to getting a bear hug from my mum, and judging from the simultaneous assertive head nodding in the

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