Liquid Learning, Women in ICT and Digital Leadership Summit 2019

Inspired. Motivated. Focused. Three words summarising how I felt walking out after two days at the Liquid Learning, Women in ICT and Digital Leadership Summit 2019. I’m Emma Judd, Group Marketing Manager at Place Design Group and I was the lucky winner of the Women in Digital LinkedIn competition, to attend this Summit from July

5 Ways Employees and Companies Benefit from Flexible Working Options

It’s not all about the benjamins. Today’s workers increasingly value the ability to work where and when they want, with many saying it’s even more important than pay. As a long-time remote worker — I currently write remotely for Biteable's blog — I can personally vouch for the benefits of flexible work. At Biteable, our

The salary discrepancy – why and the (albeit gendered) way to help fix it

Women earn less than men. It’s hard to determine why, when in many instances men and women are equally educated, have the same experience and perform exactly the same roles. Yet the data proves it to be true and the disparity is not being fixed in a hurry. The gendered salary disparity doesn’t discriminate against industry and is noted to also effect women in the glittery hills of Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence, one actress

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Addicted to Digital? It’s Time to Strategically Switch-Off

Is this you…almost you…or somebody you know? You’re in bed and the familiar glow of your mobile phone hovers inches from your face, as your thumb restlessly scrolls through another social feed before punching the browser app. Nothing, nothing, nothing – you’ve read everything you could read and your inbox is close to empty, save

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