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Elevator Pitches and Networking Event Success with Jen Burrows

Imagine this scenario. You’re in an Elevator when Richard Branson walks in (perhaps ‘insert your career here’s’ equivalent) and it’s just the two of you. You both look at each other, you with dawning recognition, and them with a complacent smile. The button’s light up with each floor, 5, 6, 7 when suddenly there’s a

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Why it’s essential to attend conferences and how to win the go-ahead from your boss.

  Those fortunate enough to attend TedX or even SXSW this year would have walked away feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Not only because those sharing their knowledge and experience were engaging and cutting edge, but because creativity begets creativity. Sticking to the office like an oyster to a rock is not ideal for the employee

How not to be a wall flower and start professional networking

Networking can be difficult. It feels awkward at best and stilted and forced at worst. The reality is it’s hard to put yourself out there. As humans we prefer to move in packs and be surrounded by the comfort of our peers. But it can be done. We’ve all seen an amazing networker. They effortlessly

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