Liquid Learning, Women in ICT and Digital Leadership Summit 2019

Inspired. Motivated. Focused. Three words summarising how I felt walking out after two days at the Liquid Learning, Women in ICT and Digital Leadership Summit 2019. I’m Emma Judd, Group Marketing Manager at Place Design Group and I was the lucky winner of the Women in Digital LinkedIn competition, to attend this Summit from July

‘Human API’ Julie Trell shares her recipe for leadership success

 Describing herself as a Human API—connector of people, programs, and ecosystems—Julie Trell is the Global Head of muru-D, SheEO Australia Lead, and self-confessed technology junky. Having worked for some of the biggest technology companies across the globe, including the multi-award winning social enterprise Salesforce.org, Trell is a true leader in the digital realm, known for

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Becoming a Structured Communicator: Start with Bullet Points

Mastering structured communication is fundamental for effective persuasion, leadership and problem-solving. In management consulting, structured communication in business is pounded into every new associate that joins the firm. In marketing, advertising, technology and financial services alike, the ability to articulate clear thoughts is highly-regarded in individual presentation and client deliverables.

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Navigating your Path to Leadership

On July 25th, Women in Digital will bring together three senior industry professionals to present on the highly-anticipated topic of Leadership. Theo Zafiropoulos Commercial Director at ROKT, Sneha Deshpande Strategic Partner at Google Australia and Pippa Leary Manager of the Digital Sales Team at Channel Nine will present what Leadership means to them, and share

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Unleash and Excel – The Power of Women in Leadership

Unleash and Excel - The Power of Women in Leadership, a panel presentation designed to educate women who want more success, clarity and confidence in the workplace. Meet innovative women who are changing the world by creating high performing teams and building leaders within them – we want to inspire you to take that leap,

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